Monday, May 26, 2008

Check out my new blog!

I hope to make it fun. and cute. and with owls.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day

The best Mother's Day gifts this year: The following picture set, taken after church while the boys were still dressed in their "nice" clothes, and this - The Cricut die cutting machine. It was a gift from me. It was so thoughtful of me to get it for myself. I was really touched by my generosity. Anyway, the rumors are true - this is one fantastic little tool. I LOVE it.

My Mom used to tell me that I'd end up with a bunch of ornery, red headed little boys as payback for being such a brat to my little red headed sister. Funny how things work out! I can think of worse things. You know what will happen though - my sister is going to get a raven haired little girl and I'm going to be just a little bit sick inside. That is....until I can hold her and spoil her and when she is a sassy little 3 year old nightmare - she won't be my problem. See, now that's karma in action.
Oh, and for anyone who is curious - Jack is up to a whopping 23 pounds and is 32.5 inches long. We don't call him Mini-N for nothing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Mother's Day Tea

Last Friday was a very fun day. I got to leave the house with a purse instead of a diaper bag, get into the car, and leave. ALL.BY.MYSELF.
The End.

Ok, as exciting as that was - that wasn't really the end. My Mom took the morning off so that I could attend a very special Mother's Day Tea at N's school. The kids had apparently been preparing for this for some time, and I was really looking forward to it. It isn't very often that I get to spend time with just N!

The event was held in one of the multipurpose rooms at school. There were tables set up with four sets of moms/kids to each table. There were many lovely "tea party" type snacks and desserts. Before walking into the room, the kids all took our arms and escorted us in. It was so cute. The seating was assigned, and when we found our places, we were met with some really sweet gifts! A beautifully decorated altoids tin, and inside - a shrinky dink pin of me! N drew a picture of me wearing jeans and nothing else. Now it is forever saved as a lapel pin. Love it. We also had some cute cards and a beautiful coaster! This is a picture of N. with his two bestest friends and fellow park-goers. Funny enough, they were wearing the same shirt that day!

After we had tea, juice, fruit, croissants, etc. the children put on a little show for us - The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Once that was done, each child was called to the front where the teacher gave him/her a rose. We had to meet our child at the front of the room. He/She would then give his/her Mom the rose and whisper in our ear - "I love you Mom. Thanks for coming." Wonderful, cheese-y goodness. I sure do love this boy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

He just kills me.

R: (Hugging me...after a big fight, time-out, and finally - his apology)
"I love you Mommy.....I'm sorry I was being bad."

Me: "It's okay honey....I just really need you to listen next time. I love you too."

R: "How much do you love me?"

Me: "More than all the stars in the sky."

R: "I hate being in time out."

Me: "Well, you're the one who put yourself there."

R: (looking irritated)

R: "Mommy? Can I tell you a secret?" (arms still around my neck)

Me: "Sure" (I give him my ear)

R: (whispers) "You're fired." (and walks away)

I'm telling you - I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried.