Wednesday, August 13, 2008


That's what we call him. "Bub," "Bubby," "Mamas" as in "Mama's Boy," and "Cookie." Lately I've been trying to call him by his actual name.....I think knowing his name would be a good thing!

I can tell that he understands more and more of what we're saying to him....there are a few catch phrases that he's very familiar with. If we say, "Hey Bub, whats in your mouth?" He immediately makes a "blech" sound, wrinkles up his nose, and spits whatever is in his mouth out for our inspection. Well trained, that one! If we say "Hey Bub, no no no no!!!" when he starts to climb the stairs - he looks over his shoulder and flashes us an adorable little grin - as if to say "hey, I didn't leave the gate down. YOU DID" and then scrambles up the stairs as fast as his chubby legs can carry him. If we say "Hey Bub! Are you hungry? Want some num num num?" He starts crawling over to his high chair while "air chewing." Once he's in his chair ,and he can see the food preparation happening he starts eagerly saying "MMMM!!!!!! NUM NUM NUM!!!!!"

Bub's favorite toy is the Playskool busy ball popper. He thinks it's fantastic. I've been meaning to take some pictures of him playing with it, but really - a video would be better. How else can I capture all of the screeching?

He adores his brothers, and the feeling is mutual. Luckily, they've both been very sweet to him and are very understanding when he knocks over their towers or ruins their race tracks. R. plays with him a little more than N. does - and so, they are especially close. Funny, I always thought that N. would be "the joint" between the other two brothers. It's pretty clear that R. will do the job instead. Most would say that it's typically the middle sibling who does this - but I wasn't sure how R. would react to the baby. I know I've said this before - but for all of as a four year old human being - he's a wonderful big brother. He could work on being a better little brother....that's for sure.....but he's got the older brother thing down pat.

Typical for an almost one year old - Bub is into everything. The dishwasher, the fridge, the closet where the boys keep their shoes (he seems to have a bit of a shoe fetish just like N did....and still does.....) the pantry, and every and any drawer he can break into. We really need to update our childproof latches because they are now well over three years old.

Yesterday, Bub took three steps! It seems like he's making a very obvious effort to walk. I'm in no hurry! But sadly - he seems to be. And needless to say - he's huge. Just really tall and really solid. I swear he's bigger than his brothers were. I should weigh him to confirm....all I know is I ordered him some 18-24 month clothes for this fall, and most of the tops went back in exchange for the 2T. He's in 18-24 months now. All torso. Huge hands (see pool pic!) Again - no surprise there.

His hair is undeniably red. Paired with his light brown eyebrows, dark eyelashes, and huge round, greenish eyes - he's adorable. Going to the grocery store is an event, because I can't go two lanes without someone stopping to tell me how cute my baby is. Who doesn't love that? Of course - he's always clapping and smiling at the grocery store because he LOVES LOVES LOVES balloons. Have you ever noticed how many balloons there are in the average Safeway? LOTS! I'm cheap though - I only buy him one if we happen to be at the crap (dollar) store. Because....balloons are only - you guessed it - $1 at the crap (dollar) store! And they're $3.99 at Safeway. If I buy him a balloon, it'll be coming straight out of my Diet Pepsi allowance and we can't have that.

This year has just flown by. Truly - I can't believe my littlest guy is almost one year old. He's a wonderful, beautiful, splendid little child. We're so lucky to have him.

Friday, August 8, 2008

More issues than a magazine rack

I have lots of pictures to post. The baby is just about 11 1/2 months old. I have a post in my head about that. I have a post in my head about the fact that my middle son is perhaps....a little bit crazy. And my 6 year old is acting like a teenager already. But I just can't post about these things now. I need to post about something that I don't have a picture for. Something that has been on my mind for....well....for as long as I can remember. Having children has magnified this issue by about a thousand. Here goes.
I really hate the sound of my children chewing. And my husband too. They are all ice chewers. As in - they go to the fridge, get a cup filled with too much "crunched" ice and water. They drink the water and then crunch on the ice for the next hour or so. They're even training the baby. He knows when there is ice around and crawls over to them Saying "num num num" enthusiastically on his way across the room. And chips. Or pretzels. Don't even get me started. When I have to listen to them makes my hair hurt. I casually cover my ears while pretending to rest my chin on my hands. And they aren't necessarily chewing with their mouths open. My kids aren't being raised in a barn (some might argue that the jury is still out on that one........) I tell them all the time to chew with their mouths closed. They're pretty good about it. But I can hear them crunching anyway. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. It just kills me. And cereal! Cereal is a bad one....because they slurp it. Know what I mean? They simultaneously take a bite of the cheerios and slurp the milk off the spoon. And honestly - they aren't really being obnoxiously rude or loud - I'm just super sensitive to it. I don't say anything, because I know that it's me - not them - who has the problem.
Also....I can't stand talking to people on the phone while they are eating. It's awful. I can't even focus on what they are saying because I can't get past the chewing. Mind you, it's evident that they are taking small bites....trying to be quiet about it. I think that they think I don't know they're eating. But I know. Oh boy - do I know. It's as if I can feel their sandwich starting to ooze into my ear. It's all I can do to keep myself from quietly hanging up on them.

And there you go! A little peek into my craziness. From me to you. You're welcome.