Sunday, April 6, 2008


Can you believe it? Baby Jack is eating Cheerios. He loves them. He loves the challenge of the pincer grasp, and of the Cheerios long journey from the side of his slimy little fist into his equally slimy little mouth. I love watching him work out the cereal-y details, and even had a little bit of a moment the other day when I realized I was putting Cheerios into a ziplock for the diaper bag: No! We can't be here already!! Is it Cheerio time already? Wasn't he just born??

What I'm *not* loving is.....Cheerios on my socks, Cheerios under the table...Wayward Cheerios smashed under his chin, in his diaper (talk about the amazing voyage)....they are everywhere. Sweeping be damned - they are everywhere.

I have video! The "footage" isn't exactly riveting and there's a whole lot of background noise (In *my* house?? Imagine that!) "Logan" is N's friend from school who was over for a play date....just in case you were wondering. Honestly, despite how things look - I'm not growing a "boy tree" over here!

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