Monday, July 7, 2008

The Dedication

A few weeks ago, we had Jack dedicated at our Church. The other boys were baptised as babies, but this church does things a little differently and it was just as special. The Family Pastor who also happens to be a good friend (and the Daddy of Jack's little girlfriend and her two older brothers who play with N. & R. ) said some lovely things about our little (huge) baby. Hopes for his future, that we will guide him in the right direction, and help him to grow into a man of faith. It was a really nice service. I always feel a real sense of contentment and assurance once my babies are blessed "officially."

The pictures from the day are TERRIBLE. This is the only one that sort of came out. Standing up there was the five of us, plus my Mom. Might have been nice to have a picture! I love my sister (who is reading this right now - hi!) but I will never put her in charge of pictures again! So you're off the hook as far as photography Shawnee. To be fair, I can't expect everyone to think like a scrapbooker. Am I the only one who walks through life composing pages during everyday events? Good Lord indeed!

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