Friday, August 8, 2008

More issues than a magazine rack

I have lots of pictures to post. The baby is just about 11 1/2 months old. I have a post in my head about that. I have a post in my head about the fact that my middle son is perhaps....a little bit crazy. And my 6 year old is acting like a teenager already. But I just can't post about these things now. I need to post about something that I don't have a picture for. Something that has been on my mind for....well....for as long as I can remember. Having children has magnified this issue by about a thousand. Here goes.
I really hate the sound of my children chewing. And my husband too. They are all ice chewers. As in - they go to the fridge, get a cup filled with too much "crunched" ice and water. They drink the water and then crunch on the ice for the next hour or so. They're even training the baby. He knows when there is ice around and crawls over to them Saying "num num num" enthusiastically on his way across the room. And chips. Or pretzels. Don't even get me started. When I have to listen to them makes my hair hurt. I casually cover my ears while pretending to rest my chin on my hands. And they aren't necessarily chewing with their mouths open. My kids aren't being raised in a barn (some might argue that the jury is still out on that one........) I tell them all the time to chew with their mouths closed. They're pretty good about it. But I can hear them crunching anyway. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. It just kills me. And cereal! Cereal is a bad one....because they slurp it. Know what I mean? They simultaneously take a bite of the cheerios and slurp the milk off the spoon. And honestly - they aren't really being obnoxiously rude or loud - I'm just super sensitive to it. I don't say anything, because I know that it's me - not them - who has the problem.
Also....I can't stand talking to people on the phone while they are eating. It's awful. I can't even focus on what they are saying because I can't get past the chewing. Mind you, it's evident that they are taking small bites....trying to be quiet about it. I think that they think I don't know they're eating. But I know. Oh boy - do I know. It's as if I can feel their sandwich starting to ooze into my ear. It's all I can do to keep myself from quietly hanging up on them.

And there you go! A little peek into my craziness. From me to you. You're welcome.

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they call me mama said...

Ha, ha...crazy? Maybe, but everyone has something. You should see the condition of some of the eyes I have to deal with, and the prosthetic eyes that haven't been taken out and cleaned in 3 years are really something special. Makes more than a few people faint if they see them, but, doesn't bother me in the least. On the other hand, I can't even be in the same room with any spider of any size. I literally lose my mind and almost all muscular control too. I know this makes zero sense, and I'm a very logical person on most accounts. Everyone is a little nutty when it comes down to it.