Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving - part 1

Don't you hate it when you wait too long to post and then you forget the details, feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start? I know I do!

As with most holidays, I made some cute treats for the kids to bring to their respective holiday feasts. Donut hole "acorns" for the preschooler, and adorable (if I do say so myself) turkey cupcakes for the kindergartner. Thanks to Family Fun Magazine for both of these ideas! They were both big hits at the schools, especially the gobblers. And yes, those turkeys (uh - 35 of them) took FOREVER to do!! But hey....I'm all about the cute.
I really wanted to volunteer to help out at my Big Boy's Thanksgiving Feast, but wasn't sure how his teacher would feel about my bringing my entourage along. My sidekicks. My little appendages. My other two children. She said that it would be fine, and even sent home an Indian (I know, SO not a PC term) vest for LB to decorate and wear to the festivities. So, so, so nice of her. Everyone had a fantastic time. All of the children were in full pilgrim/indian gear and there were little stations set up in preparation of the big feast. There were tee-pees set up in the courtyard, the kids got to collect carrots and cranberries from the "pilgrim garden", and then wash them in the "rushing river." After that, they brought their goodies to me, where we made cranberry sauce in my electric skillet. Lots of sugar....lots and lots of sugar! There were six groups/rounds of kids - so that stuff really cooked down! They also got to harvest corn (popcorn machine), make necklaces, and go out to the field and hunt buffalo (see the picture of the poor creature) with construction paper bows and arrows. You can imagine how thrilled all of the little boys were. It was really, really fun. And guess who that darling little girl is with my son? Yup - little Angelina. What a cutie. And a nice little girl too!

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shawntomich said...

Those are the cutest cupcakes! Good job Lace!