Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving part 2

This year, Big Al's grandpa and his loopy girlfriend came for Thanksgiving from Arizona. We all love Grandpa. He's a super nice guy and is a lot of fun to be with. The boys were excited to hang out with him - especially because he brought them a new RC truck to play with! Now. The loopy girlfriend. We'll call her LG. And Kell? If you're reading this? Remember LG from Tahoe? What a nightmare. The entire family has a hard time understanding what Grandpa sees in her, but what can you do?
Here were some of her finer moments:

~ Ate mashed potatoes right out of the serving bowl - with the serving spoon - while still sitting down to dinner on Thanksgiving. This sent Big Al into a TOTAL tailspin. He's a big 'ol tough guy, but he REALLY has a thing about germs and the sharing of utensils.

~ While talking about Food Network shows, she looked right at me and commented on what a "big girl" Rachel Ray is. Yeah. Well, obviously - I would love to be only as "big" as Rachel Ray.

~ "HOW CAN WE HAVE THANKSGIVING WITHOUT SWEET POTATOES?!?!?" Well, I'll tell you LG. I hate them. Kids hate them. Big AL hates them. My mom hates them. My sister hates them. We ALLLLLL hate them. SO........NO SWEET POTATOES.

~ Drank lots of red wine. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS. Thank goodness I had stocked up beforehand. Ask me if she brought any over. Just ask. Uh, no.

~ "I just can't imagine ever bottle feeding a baby. I nursed mine until they were 3 years old. They (now grown and married) REMEMBER nursing." Um, excuse me while I puke. And thanks for the nazi-lactivist comment. Whatever. My kids are big, healthy and gorgeous, all thanks to Enfamil. So, uh - kiss my ass.

No, I didn't say that - but I was thinking it.

And the grand finale -

They stayed in a nearby hotel, and we had to pay for it.



MommaWriter said...

Wow...uh...that's really quite lovely. I haven't got the slightest idea how you manage to grin and bear it, but I have a feeling you did it with much more grace than I would have mustered in your situation!

shawntomich said...

This was hysterical Lace...

mommieN. said...

LG sounds like a gem: wine, germs, complaints....but don't be dissin' my BFF Rachael! What, are we all supposed to look like Gisele Bundchen? (guys, don't answer that). Rachael is a perfectly beautiful woman -- and so is Lacy, so nyah to LG!

Nice photos of boys with Grandpa though. Aww.