Saturday, September 20, 2008

WLS - An update

WLS - Weight Loss Surgery.

Look at me! Learning the lingo.

So I had my first appointment with the surgeon last week. It went very well! The good thing about choosing a practice that is about 99% bariatric-related, is that things are run like a well oiled machine. Talk about efficient! I'll more than likely be able to get the surgery done well before the holidays. And if that isn't reason enough to get out of making the damn turkey this year - I don't know what is.

Before walking in, I had already done lots of research and decided that I wanted to go with the Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery. There are a few different options, but this one seems like a good balance of great results and treatable/avoidable risks. Dr. Cirangle was in agreement. We discussed my various (and MANY) attempts at weight loss. My very first Weight Watchers meeting at the ripe old age of 10. He was absolutely sure that there wouldn't be any problem with my insurance. Luckily, Blue Cross is *awesome* about approving this particular surgery. We talked about this surgery being a tool, not a miracle. It's a great tool - a very effective tool, but there are lots of rules. Following the rules, will lead to great results and good health. Slacking off on the rules will lead to temporary results, and bad health. I'm committed to following the rules.

Since my appointment I've already had my phone consultation with the in-office dietitian (check!), made an appointment with my regular doctor for a current routine physical, scheduled an appointment for a phone consultation with the in-office psychologist, and plan on getting a few of the tests done on Monday while the big boys are in school. I have to have a chest x-ray, and upper GI series, and.....something else. Dr. Cirangle gave me prescriptions for each one. All I have to do is walk them into the hospital and have them done, and they'll fax the results to his office. See? Well oiled, I tell ya'. Before my paperwork can be submitted to the insurance for approval, I have to have the consult with the dietitian (done!) and also the consult with the psychologist which will happen this next week.

During my appointment last week, the doctor mentioned that it might be a good idea to go to a few WLS support groups during this whole process. I couldn't agree more. I've done a lot of reading on blogs, message boards, etc. and it's the first few months that are the worst. It's a rough recovery - mentally and physically. And there's always the chance that those around me might have little moments of crazy during my transformation.

For some people in my may be hard to watch me shrink. I've always been heavy. It's always been my flaw. There have been many different levels of heavy - acceptable heavy....still very pretty heavy.....and I CAN'T LEAVE THE HOUSE heavy. There are lots of things I like about myself, and am proud of....but my body isn't one of them. Aside from it's ability to make cute and healthy babies (albeit only boys), I've always hated my body. The exception being the few years during my early twenties where I dedicated myself entirely to ME and became a total fitness guru. Crazy, right? I became a certified aerobics instructor, I taught swimming lessons and life guarded at the Y, the whole nine yards. Anyway, I was cute...but man...did I have to work crazy hard for it. We're talking 2-3 hours in the gym PER DAY. No meat. No fat whatsoever. No sugar ever. No soda. No caffeine. No eating after 7pm. Water. Veggies. Tofu. That is all. I was okay with it at the time - I was in the zone. I have three kids and a husband now. I can't devote that kind of time. An hour of exercise 4-5 times per week? Sure. I will commit to making that happen. But not 2-3 hours, 6 times per week. Who would fold all the laundry?

So that's where I am. I'll keep you posted.

Ok, now I feel bad about the "only boys" comment I made earlier.........

N, R, and J? I adore you. You know that. I wouldn't trade you for a hundred girls. Really! I wouldn't. You cute little monsters.


MamaB said...

I'm glad the process is going well so far.

MommaWriter said...

Of *course* you love your little monsters! And for the record, I totally hate my body for spitting my kids out early in such a reliable way. You can only have boys. I can only have undercooked babies...but I love my little monsters too...even when they're, well, monsters.