Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beating the Heat

Holy hotness. It has been miserably hot. Fry an egg on the sidewalk hot. Make-up melting off my face hot. Thankfully, it was much cooler today.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party, and the kids had such a blast. Our friends had just set up their new quick set swimming pool, and had the sprinklers going on their huge enclosed trampoline as well. Talk about kid-paradise! N. jumped into the pool and didn't get out for about two hours. Good times! I remember being that way when I was a kid....we had an in-ground pool in our backyard, and my sister and I would be in there for hours. They also had a little baby pool set up for the sprinkling of babies that were in attendance. Jack LOVED this little pool! $10 at Toys R Us - I'm going to have to go get one!
He's the cutest baby....I just can't get over how wonderful and funny and sweet he is. He's a HUGE baby - a big 'ol love bug. And how cute is he in his new swim trunks and ultra stylish (and on sale) Old Navy swim top? Such a California boy.

Surrounded by bathing beauties already. I'm in for it when he's a teenager.

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