Sunday, June 15, 2008

Current Events - in pictures

Real men (R) wear Lightning McQueen style toenail polish. His brother gave him quite a hard time about it - but he doesn't care. He shows his manly pedicure to everyone!

Kindergarten graduation. I can't believe he's going into first grade!

Here is the teachers aide, giving him a congratulatory hug....

and his awesome teacher....who we'll miss!!

What a pretty Grandma my boys have. She's the best.

"Trouble party of three - your table is now ready. Trouble party of three.............."

Um, sure Grandma. I'll try a frosted sugar cookie. I mean, if you insist.

He adores his baby brother. I know he's a cute boy. I get it. I get that you'd never know by looking at him, that he makes me so angry that I shake sometimes. Seriously - this kid wears me out. I'm too tired to get into it....maybe another day. In the meantime, it's a good thing he' s cute.
Happy Father's Day! We had our friends over for a BBQ tonight. The friends who also have three kids who are about the same age as ours. It was really fun. Big Al and I are so happy to have found a couple to hang out with! It's hard sometimes to find a family where I like the Mom, Big Al gets on with the Dad, and the kids play great together. Usually, there's at least one component missing...or there's a distance thing....or something. Anyway, it was a great evening. Here's three of the six enjoying ice cream sundae's for dessert. Apparently this was something that was best done without shirts on.

And Jack and his lady friend -
"I'm going to break us out of here darlin'....don't you worry. I'll get us out of here if it's the last thing I do."

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