Thursday, June 7, 2007

Aside from a few wayward watermelon seeds - my carpet is springtime fresh.

Thankfully, whatever LB had has left him and he's feeling much better. On Tuesday night I slept fitfully, in fear that he was going to vomit on my head. That exact thing happened last summer. You haven't experienced DISGUSTING until you experience hot vomit seeping into your hair and neck at 2AM. He still sleeps with us. I know....I'm so progressive. It's funny even to me that I am so "modern" in some ways, and such a flippin' hippie when it comes to certain parts of my parenting. Here's hoping he won't be putting his keys on the night stand and crawling into bed with us when he's 17.

Today LB starts his little karate class. CUTE! I'm sure he'll do well. He's full of energy having eaten his weight in watermelon this morning.

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