Friday, June 8, 2007

Feeling Scrappy?

First of all, Blogger is being a total B$%@# this evening - and I'm not able to "move" my pictures around. Basically, the words I'm writing aren't making much sense in relation to the placement of the pictures, but you guys are smart. I know you'll be able to figure it out!!! Plus, you can always click on the pictures to make them bigger if you need clarification of what is what.
"dear Santa" - a lame title since the letter I wrote on this page is to LB, from me.....not to Santa from LB. The "dear Santa" is a rub-on and it just looked cute with the rest of the page.

The next one is a page for our annual Christmas picture/card. I have a designated Christmas album that is now, officially complete (Christmas cookies 2006, Christmas tree cutting 2006, Christmas morning 2006) for last year. Yay!

Next page on the right is "Sweet Child of Mine"
I love how this one turned out.

Next up on the left, is "4 wheelin' ". This one was fun because I actually painted the mud splatters. I hadn't broken out the paints in awhile because I've been on an ink bender. I forgot how much I like to use them.

Next (below) - "Up, Up, and Away!"
I just love the picture of BB mid-air. There was a time when he never would have done this. Such a big boy now..... Anyway, the cloud print is actually fabric! The swirls on the lower right are the journaling. I penciled the swirls, wrote the journaling, and then erased the pencil marks. Sometimes I get so sick of journaling blocks.....

Next (below) is a simple page that I did for the car show we went to in January. The pictures weren't that great (note LB picking his nose and BB cracking up in the background) but the boys were (still are?) in a major car-loving phase, so it had to be done.

I'm sure you noticed all the name-blocking sticky notes (for the blog pictures). You know how I'm a little bit crazy? Well, now you have more proof. So - six pages down, more to go. If only I could escape to my scrap room more often. My little oasis......

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mommieN. said...

Oh my! The Master (well, Mistress) strikes again! Truly awe-inspiring, QB. And not just eye-popping creative, but your little journaling notes to your boys never fail to choke me up. Please keep posting scrap pages -- for our sanity as well as yours!