Thursday, June 14, 2007

Old School Summer Fun

Fellow children of the 80's -

Remember the Slip 'n Slide? Aka "Slip 'n Go Careening onto The Pavement?" or "Slip 'n Break Your Ass on a Sprinkler Head?"

Well, they still sell them and boy have they improved! Lots of nifty safety features. Well....not lots.....but at least they have bumpers at the ends of them now, and also they come with "lanes" so that you and the neighbor kid don't both make a run for it at the same time....causing your Slip 'n Slide to look like a crime scene after a gang fight.

It has been so hot the last couple of days. Grandma (always saving the day) bought the boys a Slip 'n Slide. The best $20 ever spent. The boys have been having an absolute blast on this thing.

LB started out wearing swim trunks and a diaper because I couldn't find the swim diapers and no - he hasn't signed on the dotted line with regard to potty training. He has until the Fall before we start getting military about it.

Anyway, the swim trunks wouldn't stay on what with all the slipping and sliding, so we took them off. The diaper by this point weighed about 10 pounds from all the water, so we took it off and put a pair of undies on him.

You can tell from the picture that he was THRILLED with this arrangement. So off they went. He did the rest of his slipping and sliding in his birthday suit. I got some darling pictures but I can't post them because you know how paranoid I am.....with names, places, butts, etc.
Doesn't he look possessed in this picture?

Anyway, it's hot. I'm miserable and I'm in the "OH MY GOD" stage of this pregnancy. Suddenly (I mean really suddenly - like overnight suddenly), I look like I swallowed a basketball.....and I'm only going to get bigger! My maternity shirts are all mocking me "Ha ha, didn't you read the fine print? We are SECOND TRIMESTER WEAR. Now that you're heading into the 8th month, I don't know if this is going to work out between us.....maybe if you just don't reach for anything we can do our best to cover the belly panel on your jeans"
What has been fun, is that BB has been able to feel the baby kicking almost daily and he thinks it's really cool. So do I! Jack is lucky to have BB - the sweetest, most tolerant big brother on earth.

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