Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Difference

Let me just apologize up front for having such a "boys mom" attitude about this. I'll also add at this point, that I know there are sweet, nice, friendly, little girls in the world - lots of them!

The Scene -

Today we went to a sorta-local petting zoo/park/amusement ride place. One of BB and LB's favorite attractions, is this big maze. While running around the maze, they found a couple of other little boys to play with who were about the same age. The boys were all fast friends, immediately striking up a game of hide and seek, followed by Tag, etc. They were holding hands, laughing, and having a great time together. When we went our separate ways, the boys waved to each other - "See you later!"

We went on to do other things, and later in the day came back to the maze. This time, there were little girls to play with. LB ran up to them and said "Hi guys, whatcha doing?" Bratty Little Witch from Hell #1 put her hands on her hips, stuck her face up close to my little angel's perfectly angelic face and told him very nastily that he wasn't in their game and to go away. Bratty Little Witch from Hell #2 pushed him. It was of course, all my power at this point not to rip this kids head off by the pony tails and throw her - pink frilly skirt and all - over the wall of the maze. Her idiot mother saw the whole thing and didn't say anything. UNBELIEVABLE. I told LB not to play with them because they were brats. Yes. I said exactly that. LB looked up at me and asked me why they didn't like him. I told him that it didn't matter whether or not they liked him, because they were mean little people who didn't deserve to play with him. Yes. I said exactly that. By this time, BB's protective instincts had kicked in. He was shadowing LB....just making sure that no one else was going to mess with his little brother. If anyone was going to push LB around - it was only to be BB. That's how it is in sibling world. I was talking to another Mom who was there, when I heard a bit of a commotion going on in the maze. Once again, these mean little girls were picking on LB. I heard BB tell them that they were being "jerks" and to leave his brother alone. I know, I know, it isn't okay to call names. But honestly, I'm just glad I didn't hear either of my boys call anyone a "shit head" as they've been known to do. Plus, I was proud of BB for sticking up for his little brother.
I had had it with these hideous little creatures and yelled "ICE CREAM TIME." My wonderful sons came out of the maze, and we left.

I'll say this as diplomatically as I can because I have friends who read this blog who happen to have darling, wonderful little daughters (not nasty ones like those mentioned here) :

Girls and boys sure are different.

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