Sunday, August 5, 2007


This is going to be a hodge podge of topics. I didn't take any pictures this weekend, and we didn't really do anything eventful - unless you count school clothes/shoes shopping while waiting for the oil to be changed in the minivan. I decided to sit down and post - something - anyway. Even if it turns out to be...well.....mind vomit!

We're excited for the baby's arrival - I think I may have mentioned this once or twice already? However, something that disturbs me greatly (and I *know* I've said this many times but I just can't get over the injustice of it all) is the fact that I can't get any decent sleep to save my life right now. It's I should be getting the MOST FULFILLING SLEEP EVER considering what's around the corner for me......a newborn and all of his around the clock, newborn needs.
Not only do I find myself waking up constantly, but I wake up in pain. My back. Whatever thigh I'm laying on. The bladder that feels like it's going to bust wide open because of that *tablespoon* of urine that's in there. When I wake up, I have a choice. Sometimes I lug myself out of bed and head down the stairs to the bathroom (yes...charming quality about my home....ONLY ONE BATHROOM that is located DOWNSTAIRS). Other times, I just turn over to the other side....only to wake up an hour or two later with the same aching thigh, back, side, etc.

It's the little things that are getting harder and harder to do. Making dinner. Doing laundry. Visiting that 7th circle of hell that I like to call "the park" with the boys. Grocery shopping.

Small price to pay to get this little baby though! Definitely a small price to pay. I can't wait to kiss those tiny, perfect little hands.


Potty training update.
LB still won't poop in the potty. Safe to say that the baby's arrival isn't going to help this situation. I just don't know how he's going to react to having a baby around. He talks about him all the time. Maybe he won't get all pissed off, territorial, and regress after all. He lifts up my shirt to kiss baby Jack and tell him that he loves him at least once a day.


We bought the boys their summer sandals in March. BB was a size 1 when we bought the sandals. We had him measured again yesterday before buying his new shoes for school and he's now a 2.5. WOW! Poor kid. No wonder he wakes up with leg/growing pains! His feet have grown a size and a half in 6 months! LB on the other hand was a size 11 in March and is now an 11.5. That seems like a pretty normal growth pattern.


Defensive in Advance.
Now lets talk about my least favorite subject/debate. Breast V. Bottle. The long and short of it is that I TRIED. TWICE. I DID EVERYTHING. I CAN'T DO IT. If a teaspoon of breast milk every two hours was enough to feed my babies - I'd have it made. Unfortunately, it's not....and on my best day I'd only get an ounce when I tried in the past. This being my third time around, you'd think it wouldn't bother me....I guess it feels different this time because I've decided not to try this time. I mean....why put myself through it? Why spend the money on the hospital pump, teas, vitamins, feeding tube kits, etc. when I know what the end result will be? It seems as though we're inundated with BREAST IS BEST. FORMULA IS HORRIBLE. It's hard for me to buy into the "fact" that bottle fed kids aren't as healthy as breastfed kids since neither of mine have EVER had an ear infection. BB has NEVER been on antibiotics, and LB has only had to take them once during flu season when he had bronchitis or something like it. Yeah, they've had croup a couple of times but overall - totally healthy kids. I wish I could BF if only to save the BUCKETS of money that we spend on formula! I don't know...I live in an ULTRA-CRUNCHY town and I'm sort of anticipating the judgemental looks I'm going to get every time I whip out a bottle rather than a boob. My first battle will be at the hospital when those hideous La Leche Lactivists come by to "visit." A big bonus to not having a c-section is that you can have your baby and then get the hell out of there. When you have a C, you're held hostage for a few days and anyone who wants to come into your room and harass you and/or try to touch your boobs (to "assist" with the latch) can. Obviously, I'll just tell them what we've decided....and hopefully they won't hassle me about it too much. I'll try to nurse the first day or two just for the little bits of colostrum that I'm usually able to provide....but once he looks hungry....usually day two.....I'm going to give him a bottle. I didn't do that with BB. I didn't know what the hell I was doing, I just kept trying to get him to nurse. He wasn't him, it was me. Little did I know - I didn't have enough milk for him. His jaundice was terrible. He had to stay an extra day under the lights, get blood tests, etc. and then he had lost way too much weight by the time his first appointment came along. I was heartbroken and felt like such an idiot /failure that I hadn't noticed. I tried again with LB, but cautiously. I supplemented with formula while trying to "pump" up my supply...which of course never came. But this time, the jaundice was under control and my baby wasn't hungry.

My next appointment is on Tuesday, and I'm getting another ultrasound. Always fun!

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