Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Break in the Weather

After days of rain, Monday was nice. Well, it was cold....but the sun was out and that was good enough for us. Big Al had taken the day off, so after N. got out of school - we brought the kids to the park. Much to their delight, the bocce ball court was flooded. Most of the other parents were yanking their children out of the water....telling them that they didn't need to get wet, etc. Not me! I'm a real stickler about some things, but the "puddle battle" is one that I never pick. Keeping my kids out of a puddle is much like trying to keep the white off the rice. It was great to get outside after being stuck indoors for so long. Plus, I had a great time taking pictures!

Baby Jack took his first real turn on a swing. He was thrilled! I love watching him experience new things. It never gets old, you know?

This one of the baby with his Daddy is my favorite shot of the day. It wasn't posed. My big tough husband is and has always been affectionate with the boys, but he's especially taken with this little guy. The feeling is mutual I think.

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