Friday, January 11, 2008

My Funniest Kid

While playing with Jack on the floor.....

Me: "Do you like your new baby?"

R: "I love him Mommy. He's daaaaarling."

While driving.....

R: "Mommy?"

Me: "What Honey"

R: "I *SUPER* need to go to three. AWESOME. places."

Me: "Oh yeah? Where?"

R: "Well - I need to go to Hawaii, and to the Rainforest, and to Chuck E. Cheese. See Mommy? Three AWESOME places that I *SUPER* need to go to. And Mommy - I need to go there TOMORROW."

Me: "I'll get right on that"

1 comment:

MommaWriter said...

LOL. Yes. I always put Chuck E. Cheese right up there with Hawaii and the Rainforest. And I'm sure CEC is a very environmentally friendly place...right up there with...uh...Chevron? People do. Right? I'm pretty sure their food is made with about 0% compostable...uh...stuff... maybe?