Thursday, January 24, 2008

Out with the old, and in with the new - the dental version

Check it out! N. has reached that adorable, toothless stage. He's lost a total of 4 teeth now (although the two bottom teeth have already grown back in!) and frankly, it's getting expensive. You know...according to the tooth fairy. Apparently, the teeth that he's lost were his "sweet teeth" because with every tooth he loses....he seems to be a bit less sweet. Grrr.
But that's another post.

And look at the baby! Two adorable little teeth have popped in on the bottom. You guys....seriously. This love love. I swear I'm going to end up with 10 kids (probably all boys!) because I just can't get enough BABY! Just looking at him makes me want to rush over to where he's sleeping and smell his head.....and nibble on his cheeks.


MommaWriter said...

Dang! And here I think Smunch's butt ugly teeth are probably going to hang in there *forever*! I can't wait for them to fall out.

And seriously, who wouldn't want to eat that smiley little guy right up? : )


mommieN. said...

I thought you said baby's eyes weren't blue -- look at those stunning, shimmery shiners! Eclipsed only by that spectacular smile. Almost makes me want....naaAAAAHHHH. I don't have your luck with sweetie-pie babies!