Friday, March 21, 2008

Go Sox!

Last weekend was N's first real T-ball game. Much to our surprise - the whole team did amazingly well! It was actually....a GOOD game! The practices paid off as they really seemed to know what they were doing. Even the coaches were pleasantly surprised. The kids were adorable in their uniforms and excitement was in the air. N. got three outs in one inning and I literally cried I was so proud of him!
Silly, I know. I was there with my team hat on, SLR around my neck, video camera in hand and watching in awe as he just....played the game! He just seemed so much older and wiser....watching the game, knowing what to do before he needed to do it, catching the ball and knowing exactly where to throw it, tagging kids out and then giving his coach a big 'ol high five with a big smile on his face. A jock. Still so sweet, but part of him is just such a big boy now! He's lost 6 teeth and his two front grown up teeth are about half way down. I can see that he is going to look so much older once they're completely in. It's weird! He's almost 6 years old. How did that happen??? Wasn't he a curly headed, juice- swilling, toddler with a serious Blue's Clues obsession like.....5 minutes ago? Time sure flies. He's such a good boy.


MommaWriter said...

My, it all looks so much more *organized* than Smunch's team! Just the number of kids playing their first game in their "jersey" (just a T-shirt) and jeans today was sort of sad, I thought! I think Smunch had a great time today...but it was kind of hard to tell. So many distractions and so little time to watch the ball!


mommieN. said...

"They" say babyhood goes by so fast, but I think 6-year-old kid life goes by even faster. It won't be long before our firstborn boys won't want to be seen with their mommies in public!

And you're not the only one to get choked up at your son's successes; I've gotten pretty good at faking something stuck in my eye too. Oh lordy, how will I make it through graduations?

go team!