Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Another milestone in the life of an American boy. T-Ball. And so it begins.

So far, N. likes it quite a bit! He's got an amazing arm on him and is great at catching the ball as well. Great coordination. He's really looking forward to "pee wee" football this Fall when he'll finally be old enough to play. He's counting the days!

Anyway, he's had a few t-ball practices and is looking forward to Opening Day this weekend.

Guess who has TONS of time on her hands (right) and volunteered to be the Team Mom? Yes......yes....I did. Ordering uniforms, hats, embroidery for the hats, organizing snacks, trophy's, coach gifts, parties, etc. Talk about jumping right in! Honestly....I did it because it's good for me to do things like this. I know this will sound crazy to those who know me well....but I'm really, really, self conscious and am not what one would call....a "joiner." People seem to like me (strangely enough!) but I really struggle with self doubt, and doing new things really brings it all to my internal surface. I'm SUPER good at hiding it thanks to years of practice....but still. I have three kids. Kids who are and will continue to be active in sports and other things. I need to do stuff like this! And so I am. At least I'll get to make some baseball themed cupcakes when all is said and done.

There are twelve kids on the team. Eleven boys, and one girl. Bless her adorable little heart. She reminds me of a little "Mam" I know!


MommaWriter said...

:) Mam? Where? Every time we've registered for anything, I've had to put down something I'd be willing to volunteer for. And every time I put down "team parent". And every time I don't hear another word about it, someone else takes the job on before practices start and I breathe a *huge* sigh of relief. An yeah, I'm sure it'd be good for me too!

MamaB said...

I got suckered, I mean talked into being coach for G's U6 soccer team this spring. Oh boy... I'm sure it will be good for me too.

mommieN. said...

I think it's really good for me -- and everyone else -- that I *not* volunteer to be Team Mom!

Go N.!