Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Make a Wish and Blow out the Peeps!

Easter was a two for one holiday for us. R. turned 4 on Easter Sunday! It was a fun and FULL day. The kids woke up early as usual, and were delighted with their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny.

*****See that baby bottle candy in R.'s hand? I HATE those. I am fundamentally opposed to those baby bottle candies. But every time he sees them in the store, he wants one - and every time - I say NO. I figure we'd let the "Easter Bunny" get him one. This way, *I'm* still sticking to my guns. Get it?
Even baby Jack got an Easter basket - and even though his was the only basket that didn't contain anything edible, he still managed to put every little Easter toy into his mouth.

After R. opened his birthday presents from Big Al and I, we all enjoyed a big Easter breakfast. After that, we got dressed and ready to go to R's favorite place (and I realize that I'm outing myself here): The Boardwalk. So the five of us along with my Mom and sister piled into the van and headed to the beach. We got there right when they opened and managed to get on all of the boys favorite rides before it got too busy. It was a warm and beautiful day! Oh how they love the Boardwalk. They were so happy to be there and had a great time. They were cooperative too! What a bonus! The baby was a total angel - totally content in his stroller.

You know, I still get a kick out of taking the kids to the Boardwalk. As often as we go, it's still so fun for me to reminisce about all the many days I spent at the Boardwalk with my family when I was growing up! We're so lucky to live where we live. Not because of the funnel cakes - but because of the beautiful beaches and beautiful weather.

<------Look. Don't accuse me of taking their picture like this to show off their Boden shirts. I TOTALLY wasn't doing that. Oh my gosh, wait 'till you see the two Boden outfits I got R. for his birthday. He was just beside himself...well...I was anyway.

After the Boardwalk, we went home and insisted that the exhausted and sun kissed boys take a nap. Later on, my mom and sister came over for Easter ham and my mom's famous potato salad. R. was more than willing to open a few more presents from his aunt and grandma, and then.....the cake.

R. was thrilled with his cake, and so was I. A few weeks ago, I asked him what kind of cake he'd like for his birthday. Without hesitation, he said that he wanted a Pac Man cake. It's his favorite game to play on the computer. I was *so* excited to make this cake. It's a fun throwback to my *80's* era! I LOVED to play Pac Man when I was a kid. On Friday nights, we'd go to the pizza "parlor" and play Pac Man. Anyway, this cake was well.....a piece of make and it turned out super cute (I think.) Of course, what made it was the vintage Pac Man wrapping paper that I found online. It was still in it's Hallmark flat wrap and the price tag was still on it. $1.00. Inflation! Twenty years ago, one of those flat Hallmark wrapping paper packs was $1.00. Now they're about $4. Crazy.
Anyway....Happy Birthday to the funniest, silliest, smartest, most clever, most mischevious, warm hearted little monster I know. I love you.

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