Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

I know. I agree with you. This is indeed the most precious baby ever born. Okay - well, he's the cutest baby born this year. Alright - well, this picture is at least the cutest picture you've seen today, right?

I love having a baby. I'm enjoying this little guy so much. He's wonderful and lovely and perfect. I can't believe he's just about 7 months old already. So thats.....lets see.....about 900 days from when he'll call me a shithead for the very first time. Aw, Milestones. They just grow up so fast, don't they?

Okay, so I admit that the green-topped carrot as a prop might not have been the best idea. He (of course) couldn't keep it out of his mouth, and despite what our bunny rabbit and guinea pig friends would have us believe - they don't taste very good!
And here he is enjoying his new favorite pastime - blowing raspberries!


MommaWriter said...

Yeah. He's pretty darned cute! Doesn't hurt that his mommy is a great photographer, of course. And you know what? I think the carrot was a *great* prop. that's a hilarious photo!

Happy Easter to all of you!


mommieN. said...

You have some serious scrapping to do with all those great photos. Then again, maybe one of those retro things called a "photo album" is called for...?! Easter will be fun to scrap, especially with the great carrot photo -- all the cute egg and bunny embellishments. Hmm, I'm getting an itch....!

It always uplifts me to read stuff about Jack and be reminded what blessings babies -- my (not-so-much-anymore) baby makes it awfully easy to forget sometimes. That's what's great about great photos -- they completely distort reality and make life look all like one happy picture! Then again, with Jack, it probably really is :)