Friday, March 30, 2007

Planning the Nursery Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Believe it or not, I've never really put a nursery together. The babies always sort of bunked with us. We had a our room, and their little dressers in just didn't really happen before. This time, we're planning on "doing" a nursery. The loft room in our house is right off of our bedroom - so it works out well. Granted, the baby will likely sleep in the borrowed co-sleeper (thanks N.!) for the first few months. Anyway, I've mentioned that shop therapy works for me, so it's no surprise that I've already picked out and purchased the crib bedding:

Do you love it? I LOVE it. If you want to see the cool, nature-y print up close, just search "Dwell Baby Motif Robin" and you'll find it. Also important to note - I got this set NEW for half the price it is retail. But this isn't the time to sing the praises of eBay. Anyway, as soon as it's delivered - I'll bring a sham with me to the paint store, and pick a couple of coordinating colors. I decided that there will be no smiling animals of any kind - land or sea, nor will there be transportation of any kind. BECAUSE I'VE HAD QUITE ENOUGH OF THAT. Our house is a big bubbling stew of wheeled, smiling, plastic, crap. The baby's room is going to be calm, pretty (as pretty as it can be while still being baby boy-ish), and tranquil, if it's the last thing I do!

At this point - the baby's name is going to be one of two choices. The first being Jack. A good, cool, one syllable name. For some reason, I'm dead set on a one syllable name this time. Big Al likes it, and so does my big boy. My Mom and sister love this name, and all my friends approve. I mean really, what negative thing can be said about the name "Jack"? A good, safe, choice.

Here's the thing...I have a long lasting love for another name. A name that I've gotten lots of heat for loving. A name that I can't quite let go of. The second possibility is the name "Ace." I love the name Ace, and I have since BEFORE the last season of American Idol! I think it's a cute and fitting name for this baby, all things considered. Big Al isn't a big fan, but God love him - he's willing to consider it since you know.....I've just been slapped in the face by fate. I plan to keep it as a maybe, because the more I think about it - the more I believe that I should AT LEAST get heavy pull in terms of naming this THIRD boy! I think we'll go to the hospital with these two choices and see which name suits him best.

Lastly -

Overheard at 6:30AM while I was half asleep in my bed, and the boys were just waking up on the bottom bunk (full size) or their bed in the next room:

Little Boy - "You know what?"
Big Boy - "What?"
Little Boy - "I love you" (sounds like: I 'Wub' You)
Big Boy - "I love you too stinky head"
Little Boy - *cracks up*

I like these boys a lot.


MommaWriter said...

Your boys are so darned cute! : ) By the way, the photo in the previous post *so* gives away that you've spent too much time on eBay : )

mommie said...

Awwww....your boys tell each other they love each other, and my boys conspire on how to torture and maim me. I need a little Lacy-mom magic around here!

Definitely, "DO" the nursery. Third-timers deserve that!