Monday, March 26, 2007

Timing.....and hope.

Lets say in the space of two weeks, your oldest child was going to start Kindergarten, and his first "real" soccer experience. As in twice weekly practices, and games at the crack of dawn on cold, soggy fields.

In this two week time frame, there will also be a Welcome BBQ for the soon to be Kindergartner, as well as a parent orientation that YOU have to go to. Nothing can stop you! Because he's your baby! And he's starting Kindergarten! And you truly wouldn't miss it for the world.

Besides all of this, there's the little boy who will be starting Preschool. This is a child who has only ever been away from his Mommy to be with his Daddy or his Grandma. He has never been dropped off ANYWHERE that there wasn't a family member present. He's a tough little cookie - but also very much a Mama's boy. You have to be there for that. You have to be able to stay a while the first couple of days. So that he's comfortable. Because he's your baby, and he needs you.

Here comes the kicker.

Guess what else is happening at the start of these two very important weeks?


So.....naturally, I'm freaking out in advance - because that's what I do.

It'll be fine. I won't be tired, or in pain, or just delirious with newborn joy...and misery....and love....and hormones. N0....I'll be fine. Ready and willing to smile and make new friends. ARGH! Are you kidding me?? Oh and also? My hair will start to fall out. Because that's what happens to me when I have babies. Nothing says "Yes! I'll be the class room mother! I make great cupcakes!" like tufts of hair falling to the floor around my post partem stretch pants'd self.

As an aside - I had talked with some of you about wanting to get my big boy into this really wonderful private Christian school in our area. He got in!!! I'm thrilled about this - just thrilled. "Big Al" (the hus) is thrilled too, because now we don't have as much pressure to go to church on Sunday's. See? Win-Win. The alternative was dismal as our ONE CHOICE of public schools was.....well......not so great. Really not so great.

Also.....don't be mad..........I'm going to have "THE" ultrasound this week, but I'm not going to tell you which day. I know!!! So mean!!!

I'm at peace with the possibility of another son. My boys are everything to me - how could I really be upset about another one? I adore my sons, and will adore another one too. But..... just in case I am having a third son, and need to take some time with the news, I'm going to keep quiet about the day. This way you won't all be sitting by the computer, dazed with anticipation. Said with sarcasm dripping from my get the picture.

Of course if it's a girl, you'll know it because (in my mind) the sky will open up and drop bunches of pink balloons and butterflies all over the world.
Yes.....if I'm having a'll be written in the sky.

***Edited to add***
When I said that my big boy "got in" to the great school, I didn't mean that he had to interview or anything creepy like that! I just meant that there was space available after they went through their family preference registration. Just wanted to clear that up. :)

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