Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's Frustrations

Right off the bat, I'll tell you that this post isn't about my kids. It just isn't. Sort of nice to know that I can use this outlet for other important things.
Things like complaining!
So let's get to it.

1) I can't for the life of me figure out how to add one of those cute pregnancy tickers to this blog. I've searched and searched, tried and tried. Is this a "Geek Squad" worthy issue? I sort of doubt it.

2) Crying. For no reason. The hormones are just kicking my ass. Dear God, let this baby be a girl and therefore - my last pregnancy.

3) My lips. Do everyone's lips turn to sand paper when they get a cold or is it just me? This is a question I would really like an answer to. I'm using chapstick, I'm drinking my 8 glasses of water. Really, what else can I do?

4) Taxes. I hate paying the house taxes. That is an envelope that gets SHOVED into the mailbox. SHOVED. In a very angry way. Because I'd really rather take that envelope on a shopping spree. Or to Hawaii. Or to a really spectacular lunch.

5) Sanjaya Malakar. You know who you are Sanjaya. You know who you are.

And uh, I guess that's all I've got for the complaint box right now!

Oh - and here's the update on internet names for my children. I've decided to be really original and go with "Big Boy" for my oldest son, and "Little Boy" for my youngest son. I know. The creativity just pours out of me.

I'll leave you with a knock-knock joke courtesy of my little boy. He's really into knock-knock jokes right now.

LB - "Knock Knock Mommy"
Me - "Who's there buddy"
LB - "Stinky Cheese"
Me - "Stinky Cheese Who"
LB - "CUZ"
LB - ****throws head back and cracks up like he's never cracked up before****

That. Is comedy gold.


they call me mama said...

Lacy, try this to add your ticker:

Set up your ticker at whatever site, then copy the HTML code you are given for it.

Sign in your blog go to and from the "dashboard" go to the "layout" section, or if you are elsewhere in your blog already hit the "template" tab.

At the bottom of your schematic template page is a box with "add element" on it, click on that and a list of selections comes up, one selection is "HTML/Java script", click on the "add to blog" there.

Now paste in your copied HTML ticker code, and add a title of you want, and save that change. Voila!

See if that works,
- kristi

they call me mama said...

p.s. that should work for anywhere on your page (you can add an element on the side too, not just at the bottom....