Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Stupids Step Out

Bright and early Saturday morning, we all set out for a mini-vacation to a semi-local theme park. The plan was that we would go and enjoy the park, and then spend the night at a nearby hotel so that the boys could swim. Also in this general area, is a huge outlet shopping center. YAY FOR SHOPPING! With the new baby coming, we wanted to do something special and different with the boys this summer - even if it was just something small like this. We were going to go to Disneyland, but it came down to putting a lawn in our yard, or visiting the mouse. The lawn won. Anyway, big boy in particular had been looking forward to this little trip as he LOVES hotels. Silly boy. Here is a picture of me and the boys before we left the house - you know - as proof of my existence. I had Big Al take the picture since I knew I'd be on the other side of the camera for the remainder of the "trip." You'd think he could have told me to pull my shirt up a little. Men. Always with the ulterior motives. LB is winking at you. He's flirty like that.

We arrived at the theme park about 15 minutes before they opened, and were able to park right in front. We had an absolutely wonderful day. It was as if no one knew this place existed - it was so NOT crowded! Totally worth the FORTUNE it cost us to get in. The kids went on all of the rides and didn't have to wait in line once. This was perfect for a kid like LB who has all the patience of a flea. I hadn't been to this place in a couple of years, and had forgotten how little-kid-friendly and adorable it all is. Besides all of the really cute and non-commercial-y rides, there are some of the most gorgeous gardens, trees, and flowers. At one point, I made all three of my boys (incl. Big Al) come over and smell some roses. They all had that incredible rose smell. Remember when roses used to smell good? Back before they started breeding out the smell? These were awesome old school roses.

After about 4 hours, the kids were exhausted and we had done all that there was to do. We decided to head to the hotel to get settled and go swimming. The boys had a blast swimming with daddy, and looking like the little floating dorks that they are. For the record, we are starting swimming lessons this summer! Big Boy took lessons last summer, and can sort of make his way provided his feet can touch - but not so much that he doesn't need some sort of assistance in order for *me* to feel better. I did not get in the pool.....I'd rather eat glass than buy and/or wear a maternity swim suit. I wish I was *that* Mom, but alas....I am not. Plus, I was having an exceptionally good hair day yesterday. Okay, now that I've sufficiently caused some of my readers to cringe and roll their eyes, lets move on!

***BB wanted both the water wings and the jacket. I'm not so nuts that I insisted on both!***

LB seemed to know how silly he looked in this get-up. When I put it on him, he turned around to check himself out in the mirror and said "I look like a rocket butt!" Indeed, honey. Indeed.

After swimming, it was late afternoon and we thought that the boys might rest for a little bit, and then we could go out to dinner. Well, that didn't happen. They were literally bouncing from bed to bed, getting into everything, and just being a couple of a-holes. Sorry, they were. We decided that we would go check out a couple of the outlet stores (COACH not being one of them......damn kids) and then play it by ear. We got to the outlets, and I picked up a couple of cute things for the baby. By now, big boy could barely keep his eyes open and little boy was in meltdown mode from pure exhaustion. It was 6pm. We knew that we couldn't bring LB to a sit down restaurant at this point. No.....I wasn't up for that kind of excitement. I remembered that the hotel had room service that we could take advantage of later since Big Al and I weren't hungry yet. The kids were starving and tired, so we bit the bullet and bought them happy meals to eat in the car on the way back to the hotel. Better than nothing, right? They were literally on the verge of sleep, and this was a good, quick option. We figured the boys would go to sleep once we got back. We would then order a decent dinner and watch a movie on HBO. Great!

Yeah.......not so much.

The kids got a second wind. Again. They wouldn't sit down and play with any of the new, various, hotel entertainment I had brought for them. To top it all off, we learned upon trying to order some dinner that they don't offer room service on weekends. Excellent. We weren't near anything as far as food. No grocery stores or restaurants - and now we were hungry. Big Al offered to go and get us something, but the more the kids goofed off and found this crazy, meth-like energy in the midst of their exhaustion - the more I wanted to bag the whole thing.

"This was a great idea Hon! Really, really relaxing!" Big Al joked as the kids jumped on him while he was laying on the bed trying to read.

"I'm hungry, and this totally SUCKS. We are SO outta here" I said.

Big Al agreed.
And so...........The Stupids checked out early and went home.
We tucked the already sleeping boys into bed, and I then had a very tasty and satisfying bowl of cereal (because I'm very into cereal these days.)

The end!