Thursday, May 17, 2007

Strawberry Jam, The Family Bed, and Bathtub Diving. In that order.

I love Thursdays......well, not all Thursdays - but the last 3, today, and the next 2. Big Al switched his Thursday schedule with someone from work so that he is available to take Big Boy to soccer. This means that he works a later shift instead of his regular day shift. Nice for me, kind of a drag for him. This morning we all went out to breakfast at our favorite local coffee shop/breakfast joint. What we learned, is that they clearly save their competent help for the weekends, and have their slow and clueless servers working the weekday shifts. Ugh! We had to wait so long for our food, that little boy resorted to eating strawberry jam pots with his spoon. I wish I had had my camera with me. I think he went through about 6 of them. Poor, starving, little boy.
In other news, I'm finding myself mourning the loss of my little boy as the "baby" of the family. He's so delightful. Maddening at times, but delightful nonetheless. He's in an intense Mommy worshipping phase and I really hate it. KIDDING! I LOVE it. I've been trying to break the habit of him sleeping with us, but honestly - I can't bring myself to force him to be in his bed! I love looking over at his sweet, sleeping face in the morning. I love his little breathe on my cheek. I love how he wakes up, sees me, wraps his arms around me and falls back to sleep with a smile on his face. My "smart" thinking, was that I should really get him out of our bed in case I need to bring the baby in. I obviously can't have little boy in there with the baby. Big Boy slept with us until he was about 4. At that point, he sort of transitioned himself without incident. Every once in a while, all 4 of us end up in our California King - if BB has a nightmare or something. It's crowded and I wouldn't want it that way all the time, but honestly - I don't mind all that much. Like a big family of bears in a cave. I don't know. I'm a sap. I know this. For those of you worried about our "marital happiness" with all of this family bed-ing - don't worry. We do just fine!
The other day, I was resting on the couch reading a book, when Little Boy came and snuggled himself behind me. He ended up falling asleep with his arm around my neck and his face resting on my head like a little chimp baby. Big boy fetched my camera for me, and I managed to get this sorry excuse for a picture -

This next picture is entitled "The poor mans swimming pool"

Note to self: Get these kids in swimming lessons.

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