Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tooth Fairies and Tea Parties

Yesterday was a BIG DAY for my big boy!!! He lost his first tooth. Yanked it out himself, like the 5 year old man that he is. He was so proud and excited. He couldn't wait to go to school and tell all his friends.

As I looked at the tiny little tooth sitting in the tiny little container I had given him, I became so emotional. I know - what a surprise. I remember that little tooth coming in when my beautiful boy was a beautiful baby of only 4 months. Peaches. Peaches were his favorite when he was a baby with his one tooth. This tooth. As I look at him now- an inch over 4 feet big for his 5 years, and so incredibly sweet and wonderful and smart - I can't believe how he's grown. I imagine him a giant of a man someday.....tall and handsome like his Dad. And still my baby. Always my baby.

How cute are those freckles??

Needless to say, he scored big time. His tooth fairy left him a fiver under his pillow. Now a precedent has been set, and she's going to have to kick down a ten for molars. Aw, well. His tooth fairy was always spoiled by her tooth fairy as a kid. And so it goes.........

In other news, Little Boy and I had a tea party today! I actually bought this little set a while ago after noticing how much LB likes to pour and measure. Since Big Al was taking BB to soccer, I thought this would be a great time to do a fun activity with (read: distract) LB.

Nice goose egg on the forehead. It's the result of jumping from the laundry basket to the chair, and missing the chair completely.
It actually goes nicely with the tribal band (temporary) tattoo he's got going on under that ghetto Hanes t-shirt.
See? I don't need a daughter to have a stinkin' tea party.

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