Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Completely Powerless

If it wasn't bad enough that the new Fall line of Boden (Miniboden.com)has been released and I'm a complete and TOTAL sucker for their kids clothes.....now......they have a baby line too.
I'm dead. My card is trembling in my wallet. Their clothes are just so well made, and so adorable and more than anything else - they're unique. It's no secret that children's fashion is of interest to me, and I just get so sick of NAVY AND RED AND GREEN AND STRIPES AND CARS AND THAT's IT. Boden....Boden is fantastic. I love Boden so much I would marry it.

Gotta go.

(disclaimer: I'm not of of those who doesn't let their kids get dirty, etc. We have drawers full of play clothes that are duly abused on a daily basis!)

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White Family said...

I love their stuff too. Gina loves going through the catalog showing me EVERY pink thing that she wants. Andrew is starting to look through it too and point out all the boy clothes that he wants.