Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meet the Newest Members of our Family

Their names are "Cool Swimmer" and "Gary."

This is what happens when I go have coffee with friends. I come home to stinky, prehistoric looking creatures in a glass aquarium overlooking the kitchen table. Yesterday the boys put them in their plastic swimming pool so that they could "race." My poor kids would absolutely KILL for a dog, but this is the best they can get. Mommy isn't a dog person. I have to say, these are interesting little creatures. One of them - Gary? - changes shells every night. Perhaps he thinks he can hide from the kids. Poor, misguided hermit crab. I'll give them this - they haven't pinched anyone and they're surprisingly active. They really do walk around a lot...not as "hermit-y" as I thought they would be.

Random observation - Big boy's eye color seems to changing. I think they're going to end up hazel-y/greenish/brown like Big Al's. Maybe I'll have one non-blue-eyed child after all. His lips seem to have turned blueish purple, but I'm pretty sure that's residual Popsicle.

I brought BB to his swimming lesson last night (usually his Dad brings him) and was happy to see that he's doing much better with his swimming. Let's just say that he isn't a natural born fish. He's catching on though, and he really enjoys it which is great.

What else can I say? Another boring post.

What's next should really be it's own post, but since I'm in this once per week posting schedule - I'll just throw it in here.

How am I?

If you don't want to deal with gratuitous complaining, now would be the time to click away!

I'm in permanent sway-back position. Waddling....tightening contractions all the time.....up 2-3 times per night to go to the bathroom....can't get comfortable to save my life....very limited patience with the boys who really are pretty well behaved for the most part. Horrible heartburn, and STRESS.

Big Al and I have decided that he will go ahead and pursue this other position within his company that will require him to go to a two week, out of town training school. Guess when he leaves? Just guess. That's right, when Jack is exactly two weeks old. Yes, I have my Mom to help me out in the early evenings when she gets home from work - but not overnight. She can take the big boys from about 4pm-7pm on those nights. That's great - but that doesn't help me with a newborn in the middle of the night. Thanks to our newly installed home security system, my "scaredy-cat" anxieties should keep their distance....so I've at least got that going for me. I feel like I'm being a wimp about this, but it's hard not knowing what to anticipate in terms of how our daily life and schedule are going to change. I mean, I *do* know - I've done this once or twice before, but it's been a while. The timing absolutely sucks. The poor baby is quickly going to be thrown into a crazy driving/pick-up schedule. Everything starts right away. Kindergarten, preschool, soccer. All when he's about two weeks old. And the c-section?? Well, lets just hope that I heal quickly because I'll literally have no choice but to be driving and doing all of my regular "duties" exactly two weeks after the birth. Oh, who am I kidding? Even sooner than that. Because I truly cannot function in a dirty, cluttered, house - nor do we have the total and complete luxury of house cleaners, so I'll be jumping back into the housework section of my "job" if only to save my sanity. Big Al is great in taking care of the kids, but the only way he can do housework is if I let go of my control issues and let him do things his way. I should be mature enough to do that, but I'm not. Seeing things done incorrectly, and half-assedly will quickly cause me to lose my mind.

"If you want something done right......you have to do it yourself"

So anyway.......these poor, bored boys. I have to come up with something for them to do today. LB has been TERRIBLE about not staying with me. He takes off. It drives me crazy, isn't safe, and he should have outgrown it by now. Really limits what I can do with them at this point in the pregnancy.

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