Monday, July 9, 2007

"Half Trained"

My little boy seems to be pee-pee trained! It has only taken a little over a week of effort on my part and he's been doing just great. He of course insists on putting his undies on all by himself, and lets just say it doesn't always work out. He comes out and says "How do I look?" with his hands on his hips and both legs in one leg hole. At one point I told him that his undies were all "wonky" and he just died laughing. So now he comes out of the bathroom and asks - "Mommy, am I wonky?"

Poop is another matter. I've tried talking to him about it, and he just isn't on board. "I can't - it's not working. It'll get everywhere." Fair enough. So the deal is, he tells me when he needs a pull-up, and then he does what he needs to do. Baby steps. I just got him two packs of these assorted Thomas undies, and to say that he is thrilled with them is an understatement!

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