Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And the award for creepiest looking yet highly effective baby product goes to..........


Seriously, this thing is incredible. I've always hated bulb syringes. They don't work well enough to really provide any comfort, and there isn't anything more pathetic and sad than a baby/toddler who doesn't know how to blow their nose! Can you imagine not being able to blow your nose while dealing with a really bad cold? Torture!

Despite how the picture looks, there isn't anything yucky about it! Even I don't love my kids enough to suck their boogers into my mouth.

Anyway, I read about this product ( somewhere and decided to check it out. The baby hates the syringe and it doesn't work anyway. So...I bought one of these strange looking contraptions and oh my gosh - what a difference. It's amazing. Just this morning I sucked a good teaspoon of yuck out of Jack's nose. He doesn't mind it at all, and he doesn't get all pissy like he did with the bulb. As a matter of fact, he looked pleasantly relieved! I've been using this thing for about a week and it's awesome.

Anyway, happy booger sucking.

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MommaWriter said...

You're right. That *looks* totally disgusting. I'm glad you found something that works though. Nothing like having a stuffy, unhappy baby!