Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Meet Miles

No, no, no. This puppy doesn't live at our house! He lives at Grandma's house. Thank God. He is undeniably cute and also very, very sweet. The boys adore him and really, who wouldn't? My whole thing is.....I'm waiting for "them" to come out with dogs who don't eliminate. Once there is a dog on the market who is poop and pee-pee free, I'm SO in. Wrap one up, I'll take it.


MommaWriter said...

Oh gosh. Way *WAY* cute. Photos almost make me forget about that whole elimination part!

mommieN. said...

Oh my...how utterly ADORABLE, irresistable, huggable, kissable and completely lovable....and the puppy's OK too. But that BABY...! Look at those LIPS! It almost makes me want anoth...nnnnnNNNNNAAAAHHHHH :-)