Monday, December 24, 2007

He's Dressed as one of the Wisemen.....

Wise-ass is more like it! Can you spot my kid in his adorable preschool Christmas pageant? Here's a hint: He's sitting on the floor with a green robe and a yellow crown. Also - he's making a silly face.
R. is such a funny kid. He's *that* kid, you know? The one who makes the funny faces for the photo op, the one who throws his arms up at the end of the performance and says in his loudest, most theatrical voice "Thank you, thank you VERY MUCH" and then takes several bows as everyone claps. As if he was the only one in the show, and ALL of these friends, parents, grandparents, etc. are there to see HIM. He's my hardest kid by a long shot. He's tireless. And fearless. His behavior can be maddening, but also he's clever and hysterical, and even loving. I admire his spunk.

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