Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long time no type to

It's been a while! How the heck are ya? Here is a random selection of pictures to catch us up a bit.

My wonderful little baby. This child is so perfectly delightful and sweet and easy and cuddly. Above his changing table is a Haba butterfly mobile. We call these little friends, "the bugs." As I'm bringing him up the stairs, I'll say "Lets go see the bugs!" and his chubby little legs start to kick. He LOVES the bugs. LOVES them.

Here are Jack's idiot brothers (I kid, I kid.) This is the kind of thing they do Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. Never a dull moment with these two!

My grandparents came down to visit with us and meet their new great grandson! It was so nice to see them. They came bearing gifts, and were therefore very popular.

Can you believe that my almost 4 month old baby weighs 18 pounds already? Par for the course!

I'm obviously partial, but I think that he is the most wonderful little baby I've ever known. Sweet as pie...and such a cozy guy! He loves to cuddle and warm and toasty. So smiley. sigh. I'm in love.

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mommieN. said...

OMG. That panda-cartwheel shirt -- how adorable is that! Of course, the eye-twinkling smiling baby has a lot to do with that :).

I'm jealous that your 3rd, like another 3rd we know, is a sweet easy cuddly baby. Come to think of it, I've always been jealous of how sweet and affectionate and agreeable your 1st is too! I got it opposite: my 1st and 3rd are the...well, let's just say "strong personalities."

And your middle...well, he's there to make sure you don't get too comfortable. And to give you a teeny taste of *my* life! :-) But his enthusiasm for exploration and his resourcefulness, and my fond memories of playing with him as a baby, leave a soft spot for the wiley little bugger in my heart.

I want one of those panda shirts -- for *me* !