Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Promise is a Promise

I promised him a potty party.

He's had the whole pee-pee thing down for a good while now. Never even wets the bed. But poo-poo? Not so much. It isn't that he hasn't been MORE than capable of going in the potty - oh no. He just had to decide to do it. To lose the pull-ups. To grow up a smidge. To hang the white "baby" flag and do it already.

Anyway, we've had a great two weeks. He loves his new undies...yes....more new undies....Spongebob to be specific.....and seems just fine with pooping in the potty now.

Way to go buddy. It's about damn time.


MommaWriter said...

I shall bite my tongue in jealousy.

mommieN. said...

You're breaking my heart! You got #2 done on not only #2, but #1 AT NIGHT. I still don't have #1 done with #1 at night! ARGGGGHHH! I have a better shot of getting #2 done with #1 at night. Actually, at this point, my hopes are best pinned on #3 for #1 at night! :-)

Good going, Captain Underpants!

they call me mama said...

Oh good god. I'm happy for R....really I am! It's just weighing upon me that I do actualy have to start all of this with the twins at some point and I don't wanna. I'm no good at potty training anything or anyone and I know it. I need a potty training boot camp to send them off to. I'll take them back again, promise.

MamaB said...

That is great! I am not looking forward to putting A in underwear and dealing with the cleanups.