Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Tree of Their Own

Because the boys have....uh...."different" taste in ornaments than I do, we let them have their own small tree. It isn't that I don't love huge, garish, orange snowflake ornaments.....or cheapo plastic icicles....because....ummm, you know....who doesn't? These are "beautiful (rite-aid) treasures" that deserve their own tree. By themselves. Alone.

Anyway, here's my Middle boy enjoying a rare moment with his tree. With his big brother sleeping, he was able to have his way with the ornaments. Being almost 4 years old, he likes to take the ornaments off the tree and carry them around the house in various receptacles. Gallon size Ziploc bags.....old lunch boxes.....train cases.....his Daddy's hat....and then when he's ready, he'll go and re-decorate the tree. This drives his older brother absolutely MAD. See, being almost 6 years old, he likes to carefully hang each ornament in just the right place...stepping back to make sure that every spot is covered and that the best ornaments are in the front. As you can imagine...these differing tree-decorating philosophies tend to cause "holiday conflict."
Conflict aside though, the kids are having a great time getting ready for Christmas. Starting on Thursday of next week, the big boys will be out of school for an ETERNITY: two weeks plus a couple of days I think. I'm armed with a couple of new Christmas videos and plans for lots of cookie making, and Christmas craft.....crafting. I even went to the dollar store to stock up on vinyl table cloths in anticipation of the mess! BRING IT boys. I'm ready for you. Let the holiday fun begin.

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