Sunday, September 2, 2007

7 Days Later

Our new little guy is a week old today! So far, he's a really sweet, easy little baby. He's on a pretty steady schedule - he sleeps for two to three hours, gets his diaper changed, has a bottle, and then repeats the whole process. We love it when he's awake and looking around - wide eyed and making "o's" with his tiny little lips. He's mildly jaundiced, but nothing to worry about. It hasn't gone any "lower" than his neck, and it's getting lighter each day.

(**I should mention that these pictures were taken without the flash - sort of a so/so result. Sometimes flash pictures just look so plastic. I'm experimenting with my newest subject!)

This baby is the most gorgeous, wonderful, sweet- smelling, cuddly, adorable little baby in the world (said his mother). We are so totally in love with him - even Little Boy! He likes to hold his bottle for him and kiss him on the head while very gently rubbing his tummy. He's constantly checking on him to make sure he's okay. He's of course really curious about his belly button "owie." I'm really surprised at how well he's adjusted to having a baby in the house. The fact that the baby (so far) isn't a screamer helps of course. Big boy has been wonderful too, but that sort of goes without saying.

You know....the thing about babies (for me anyway) is that they make you want to have 15 more! I've already caught myself thinking....hmmm #1 and #2 are SO CLOSE. #3 seems SO much younger than them. He won't have anyone to play with! Maybe we'll wait a year and I'll talk Big Al into *another* little brother! I know. Have me committed. I get so worked up about the surgery, and the discomfort of the latter parts of pregnancy, but then once it all works out - all I can see are the totally wonderful parts of the whole process. The total miracle of it all.

Having Big Al home has been great. I do all the nighttime feedings, but once the clock strikes 5AM - I'm off the hook for awhile. I've been able to sleep as late as I need to in the morning (usually until about 8:30 or 9) which is WONDERFUL. I'm weeping in advance for when he goes back to work - only because of the sleep part of it. Every time I get up with the baby, it takes about an hour to go through all the motions - diaper, bottle, burp, rock to sleep, etc. He'll sleep for an hour or two if I'm lucky, and then it's time to do it all over again. Anyway, the 4 solid hours of sleep I get in the morning are priceless. Starting next week, we'll have Kindergarten drop off every day, and two weeks after that - preschool drop off twice a week. Mornings will be hectic. Thank God for coffee. LOTS and LOTS of coffee.
So that's the update! Things are going well. When I look at my big boys (all 3 of them) playing in the yard, laughing, running, chasing, holding hands....and my little baby slipping me unintentional smiles in his sleep - I feel so completely the luckiest woman in the world. Life is good.

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