Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Day of Preschool!

Tuesday was my little boys first day of preschool. I think I'm still going to call him that for now! Anyway, it went great. He's been visiting this school for two years while his big brother was there, so this was more than exciting for him. "REALLY???? IT'S MY SCHOOL NOW?!?!? ALL RIGHT!!!!!" He was so ready. I sort of planned on staying with him for a little bit before it was time to get BB to school by 10am, but I really didn't need to! He gave me a kiss, found his cubby, had his buddy Mrs. Filey put his name tag on, and he went on his way! So my big boy, my baby, and I made our way back to the car.....and BB commented that it was quieter already! After making the trek across town to drop BB off at kindergarten, I got back into the car....with just the baby.....and about cried. It was equal parts strange and GREAT! I've never dropped LB off anywhere other than Grandma's. It felt strange, but I know that he's in a great place and it's only for 3 hours 2X/week after all! Anyway, I enjoyed the quiet. And LB had a great day at school.
(funny that there is a "closed" sign on the side yard gate behind LB! I can't believe I didn't notice that when I took the picture! argh....)

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they call me mama said...

My god woman, BB is 5 years old and nearly reaches your shoulders. Basketball is over-rated. He could have a fine career as a Sharks defenseman, ya know ;)