Sunday, September 9, 2007


Three of them actually! Yesterday was my Big Boy's first league soccer game. Watching him play was so much fun, and I was really impressed with how great the kids were in general. They really seemed to know what they were doing! Some of them (not mine obviously) were so small that they were just swimming in their uniforms - so cute. Anyway, my big soccer star scored 3 goals for his team. I was so proud of him and even better - he was so proud of himself. His team - The Lightning Bolts won the game 7-3. I'm glad that we all had so much fun at the game being that we will be going to them every Saturday until Thanksgiving.

Here he is just after his third goal.


MommaWriter said...

Oh, BB would look so pretty in Smunch's green, green, green uniform! Not that he doesn't look lovely in blue, of course. My Green Gecko? He's fairly drowning in his uniform!

MommaWriter said...

Missed the practice/game this week 'cause we were camping, so I'll have to blog that one next weekend!