Monday, April 9, 2007

5 Year Olds Eat Hamburgers

My big boy is officially five years old - yesterday was the big day. What chaos! As it turns out, sharing a holiday with Jesus and the Easter Bunny is tricky business. Granted, the Jesus part doesn't play as much of a part in the day as I'd like it to. And that's my fault....I've been meaning to find a church in this area so that we'd have the option of slinking into the last pew on important days like Easter. We'd be that family...the one that shows up on special holidays. Shameful, I know. But points for honesty? I grew up going to church, and appreciate having faith in something, and darnit - so will they! Anyway the Jesus part consists of my vaguely explaining to the big boy what Easter is for - rebirth, God loves you so much, sacrifice, etc. without mentioning the Crucifixion. See? Tricky business. I just want him to know that while we do in fact worship and have a hearty respect for Hallmark, it's not the only thing - and certainly not the most important thing!

Is it getting warm in here? On to lighter topics.

Pictures - Presents, egg hunts, cake, oh my!

Here's the big boy opening a birthday gift with residual Easter-basket-chocolate on his face.

Hunting for Eggs at Grandma's house.

Pretty flowers.

Here's the situation with the birthday cake. The short version is that we're all sick of chocolate, and of cake in general. All the adults opted to have lovely light fruit tarts of varying flavors for our Easter desserts. was still the big boy's birthday, and that had to be acknowledged, right? So I ordered a very small square cake from the grocery store for a whopping $6.99, threw a monster truck on it, and VOILA! Happy Birthday Big Boy. The monster truck is actually driving over some smaller cars, that's why it looks like one of them is about to go off the edge!

Today, big boy ate a hamburger. I was absolutely floored, as this is a kid who hasn't let beef pass his lips since he was a toddler - and didn't yet realize that it looked "funny." When I asked him about it, he said simply - "big five year olds eat hamburgers!" A pretty big step my friends, a pretty big step.

Here's a baby version of big boy with chocolate on his face!

I can't believe that the tiny baby who made me a Mommy five years ago yesterday, is now this big, beautiful, sweet, smart, wonderful, about-to-start-kindergarten boy! He is a huge part of my heart. He's so purely good, and I just can't believe that I had a hand in making him. He's everything I could ever want in a child, and I'm so blessed to have him - and to have all of my "2.5" children.
I'm so grateful to have these wonderful, maddening, perfectly boyish children.
For me, the fact that I do is a Jesus thing. And even on the days that I would give anything for a moments peace - I'm so thankful.
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you more than words can say.

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Miss Kelly said...

Big boy is so cute! What kind of camera do you have?