Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The dust has settled.

The fantastic thing about hormones is that they fluctuate! I'm feeling much better now. LB has some sort of cold/croupy thing going on. I feared it was something worse since I was thrown by the lack of fever. My kids are croup-getters and it always comes with a side of high fever. Not this time, thankfully. I actually think it's a nasty "worse at night" cold, since he isn't coughing much at all. Just waking up more than usual after being put down, and acting like he doesn't feel well with congestion, sick voice, etc. We got a referral to an orthopedic something-or-other to check out his in-toeing on his right leg/foot. Once I told Dr. McDreamy (yes.....he is) that LB always falls at least once while running, he decided that it was worth looking into....although we're both pretty sure he'll outgrow it.

Now for some truly horrible news - Big Al has to have surgery for a hernia in a couple of weeks, and won't be able to do any lifting (more than 20 lbs) for 4 to 6 weeks.

Lets have a moment of silence to take this in.

Just freakin' kill me now. Seriously? Because at almost 6 months pregnant, I don't have enough to do with the two small children. I really need a 6'5 200+ pound MAN-CHILD to deal with. Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband. While well, he really does a ton to help me out when he's home after work and on weekends. However. While incapacitated? What an absolute nightmare. The worst part is, he may need to STAY HOME FROM WORK FOR TWO WEEKS OR MORE! I'm crying on the inside.
I love when he's home and can get some things down around here, take the boys to the park - and just generally be here. But for him to be at home....and not helping.....and not lifting.....and feeling just a teensy bit sorry for himself....and watching the DIY channel in the middle of the afternoon......no.....please, no.

What else.......

Here's a brief list of what I have to do by Friday morning:
~ Make 6 huge, stenciled, nice-looking posters to advertise for the fund raiser being held this weekend at big boy's school. They asked me if I would be willing on Monday. Thanks for all the notice.
~ Make 4 dozen "purchase worthy" cupcakes for the bake sale at said auction.

I know....it's a "list" of only two things, but trust me. It's a lot. I finished *one* of the posters tonight, and it looks good....and it took me 2 hours. 5 more to go. The curse of being a scrapbooker, is that I'm truly not capable of doing something like this casually (ie - handwritten would have been a hell of a lot easier and less time consuming!).....it's all or nothing with me. Ugh - the teachers at BB's school know this about me....I feel so taken advantage of. It's a curse I tell you. A curse.

Well, my trusty late night heartburn has arrived, and the Rolaids are calling my name. And so is my child....poor baby.....so goodnight.

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