Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happiness is: Our yard no longer looking like it needs a couch and some empty beer cans to be complete.

Before -

And after -

The fun part will be managing to keep the kids off of it for the next 8 days. our defense....we've tried in the past to "seed" the lawn. But as the picture on the left will show, a non-sod lawn without a built in sprinkler and a timer is a DEAD, NON-EXISTENT lawn. So YAY for instant gratification and "sleeping bag grass" as big boy calls it.

Yesterday we ended up going to the roller rink for the morning kids session. It was the only rainy-day game in town, and thus a bit crowded. Big boy did great! The last time we were there was about a year ago since he's usually at school on Wednesdays (this week is spring break). He had fun and wasn't at all put off by his numerous spills. I was the roller skating QUEEN growing up, and used to dream of someday working at a roller rink. Wearing the acid washed jeans, pink leg warmers, and serving up those sticky nacho's and giant pickles with Olivia Newton-John's "Xanado" (sp?) playing in the background. Yes.....lofty aspirations. Those were the days.

Little boy wasn't as happy with *his* numerous spills. If this isn't a face that says "I'VE HAD IT" then I don't know what is. Luckily I was prepared with some Easter bubble gum for just this reason. He was happy to chew (lots of) gum and let his brother finish skating. The people at the rink tightened the wheels on their skates so that they were nearly stopped - but still. Little boy just wasn't having it. The last time we were here, LB took off across the rink "marching" on his tightened wheels, and had a great time. BB was the one who was struggling that time. Interesting.

When we got home, LB mercifully took a long nap. BB and I were able to spend some quality "quiet" time together which is aways nice. Not that I don't love the
total and utter LOUD chaos of the two of them together....but you know. Quiet is good.

We practiced writing letters and numbers, had some messy art time, and went outside (because BB can be trusted to stay off the lawn) to blow bubbles and ride bikes while there was a break in the weather.

Don't look at my kitchen table. We're eventually going to get it refinished - but feel like it would be stupid to do so now as SOMEONE we know still likes to bang on it with cars, shovels, and other unnamed metal objects. And also - just to put a fire under Big Al's well meaning behind - those dining room windows are STILL awaiting trim. STILL. It's been long enough that I'm now ready to repaint in a different color. How about that!

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MommaWriter said...

Love the new grass! It looks fantastic. And the photos of the boys are awfully cute too : ) Go for it. Paint the wall a new color before it's too late! (Right, like it's *ever* too late!)