Saturday, April 28, 2007

Picture Day and What the baby wants, the baby gets.

Yesterday was Spring Picture Day at big boy's school. The siblings are invited to come in to take pictures as well, which is nice. My boys were in perfectly choreographed outfits - right down to their shoes, and looked - So.Cute. It was so nice outside yesterday, that I decided to take some pictures of my own while they were in all of their adorable goodness. I always prefer outdoor pictures to the studio type.

LB's shoes are chocolate colored with orange flames, and BB has the classic chocolate colored converse. So cool!
By the way.....whoever says that you can't dress boys up and have a little fun with it is just wrong! I've been tempted to blog about their shoe collection.....but honestly, I'm too ashamed. It isn't just me though - big boy LIVES for new shoes. LOVES them. So you know.....everything I do, I do for him. And also because I'm addicted to

They really do love eachother this much, and I have to say that nothing makes me happier.

I've been feeling some umbilical tugs - just begging for chocolate covered strawberries. It has been a very specific request. I made some today, and the boys are all very happy about this current pregnancy craving. Much more so than they were about the green olive phase.

Mercifully, a prescription antibiotic was just called into the pharmacy for me. About an hour ago, I broke down and called the on-call doctor to beg for something. The fact that my eye, cheek and upper left teeth are literally throbbing tells me that this isn't the garden variety cold. It is now a nasty sinus infection. I actually cried real tears from the pain earlier. Anyway, I'm off to pick up the miracle RX.
*Edited to add: I'm know that there is an issue with how the spacing turns out once I hit "publish." It drives me crazy....I suppose I could change the font size or something....but I just don't have the urge to do anything about it right now. Mostly because once I set out to fix it, I won't stop until I do and well.....I just don't want to sit here for 3 hours at this point!

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