Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear kid in the yellow shirt,

Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd very much like to cut your arm off. You just ruined a perfectly good picture of my perfectly-perfect son.
OPK (other people's kids) drive me nuts sometimes!

As you can tell from my attitude, I'm feeling much better!
That was a lie.
Actually, I'm pretty sure my left eye is going to bust away from my skull at any moment (thanks sinus pressure) and my left ear has been out of commission for the past 12 just plugged up and died.

Sick or not, I soldier on. Today is Thursday which is soccer day - so off we went.
Big boy really loves soccer and is really quite good at it! Between you and me - I'm glad that he isn't too hot on baseball/t-ball at this point because if I have to attend games at the crack of ice-cold-early on Saturdays, I'd rather watch soccer. Come to think of it, I think we're talking about two different seasons. Oh well, all this BOY SPORTS stuff is new to me. In any event, I don't like watching baseball because I find it to be boring. Now that I've put that in writing, my kids are going to turn into basball/t-ball nuts. Mark my words.
Anyway, this is a Parks and Rec. soccer thing he's doing. He loves the coach and I'm pretty impressed with how great he is with the kids. I just signed big boy up for a twice weekly/5 week soccer camp this summer with the same coach. The camp is late this in....."about to give birth" late summer. Good Mom points, right? Anyway, I think it'll be good for him to brush up on his skills before "real" soccer starts in the fall.

Speaking of Summer planning, I signed little boy up for Karate. Are you sitting there accusing me of just wanting to spike up his hair and take a picture of him in the white robe? Well...........guilty as charged. Also, I figured that this is a child who needs to have this sort of weapon at his disposal....hmmm.....maybe this isn't such a great idea after all. "HIIIII-YA!"
So we've got VBS for big boy- one week of free fun, and all of his friends are going too. Soccer for BB, karate for LB, and swim lessons for both. That oughtta do it.

Well, I'd write more - but I'm pretty sure that the remainder of my personality got stuffed up my nose, drifted down the back of my throat....and then I coughed it into the toilet.
Miss Congeniality

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