Thursday, April 19, 2007

The boys in my house.

The biggest one has the Flu complete with fever, and his world has come to a total and complete stop. The littlest one has a terrible green-snot cold/cough with a side of PINK EYE (ugh!!!) The middle one is fine so far - but is "bored" and therefore mope-y and bratty. It's as if he didn't just get a bunch of really great toys for his birthday.
Oh to be male and sick (biggest one)......what a treat. I've already delivered hot soup, taken his temperature, etc. When I'm sick I just have to suck it up!
I'm very worried, because I didn't get a flu shot. I found out I was pregnant on Christmas, and we usually get flu shots in October. It just didn't occur to me to get one......fingers crossed.

I know I've been lagging in the picture taking department, so until I do - here's a picture of some overalls that I plan on getting for baby Jack. Cutest darn overalls ever. Don't ask me about the price tag because I'll never tell.

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